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Meet RJ Grimes

Owner and Artist

Meet RJ Grimes: Marine Corps Veteran, Devoted Family Man, and Visionary Videographer. RJ's journey has been defined by love – for his family, his craft, and the beauty of life. A husband and father of two boys, his family is his anchor. An inherent passion for photography ignited in his youth, driving him to seize life's moments through his lens. A perfectionist by nature, he brings precision to every endeavor. RJ's keen eye for beauty enriches his videos, capturing not just events but emotions. Stay tuned to meet the other half of this dynamic duo – his equally remarkable wife.

Meet Jennifer Grimes

Second Shooter

Married ourselves, we've filmed weddings together for couples of all ages since 2019. As a Videography Team, we're in sync to be able to beautifully capture all the love and cherished moments of such a momentous occasion. Weddings are incredibly emotional, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for couples. As expert Story-Tellers, we preserve genuine expressions, heartfelt emotions, and breathtaking moments; creating timeless cinematic stories that become treasured keepsakes for generations.

The Family

And then there were 4

Growing as a Family of Four: Nurturing with Love, Inspiring Excellence. With two sons to guide, RJ and Jennifer's world is centered on providing the best life possible. Parenthood fuels their dedication to both business and family, as they strive to lead by example. Their children Inspire them to excel, teaching them to show that dreams can be achieved through hard work and determination. Their journey together is driven by the desire to inspire their sons, ensuring they understand that they can conquer any challenge and reach for the stars.

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